Ramblings : On non-attachment

“I was surprised, as always,at how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world is suddenly rich with  possibility”. – Jack Kerouac, On the Road

A recent event made me realize on how the world can be so frustrating. Putting so much faith on someone, something or anything that is bound to change, failing your expectations can be so depressing. To lessen frustrations and to be able to enjoy each morsel life has to offer, one must appreciate and apply non-attachment.

True to say, nothing is constant except change. And so everything, everybody changes, and it is not a thing to shudder. Change should be celebrated for it is a wonderful thing, what a lame world this would be if  art does not evolve, nothing new in music or people stay the same.

The idea of non attachment doesn’t mean to deprive oneself from the beautiful feelings associated with  love, hope, care which are essential to one’s happiness.It means to realize that everything changes and one ought to celebrate each of these moments without hesitation, savoring all emotions that accompanies, knowing that it’s impossible to experience it again.


Tinuy-an Falls: Majestic Cascades

Branded as the “little Niagara of the Philippines”, the majestic Tinuy-an falls is set in the deep area of Brgy. Borboanan, Bislig City. In the dialect of the early settlers, Tinuy-an means “requiring intention”, true to it’s name, going to the falls was a feat I happily endured.

After being captivated by the Enchanted river of Hinatuan, I decided to spend the night in one of the cheap backpacker’s inn in the city of Bislig for only 150 php (a whopping wow!).Being an early bird, I hailed a pedicab, a 5 tired vehicle  powered by a motorcycle mounted on the front left part of the vehicle. After disembarking the fragile vehicle I hopped into a minivan bound to the city of  Mangagoy to be dropped at the entrance of Brgy. Borboanan – the door to the talk-about falls. The adventure heightened up as I took a top load seat together with accomodating locals who were set to celebrate a birthday in the falls. Picturesque landscapes could never be less good if you have a 360 degrees view of them.

The sweet-ravaging sound of the water, the cold air, the early morning sunshine, was a delight to my soul as I pay 10php for the entrance. A cup of coffee was a perfect companion to savor the next few moments of discovering new wonders.

In a raft near the cascade, I stood speechless, moved and humbled by the thought of how small I am compared to a majestic work of nature.

The second tier of the 4 tiered falls was  exhilarating as well.

I enjoyed looking for stone crevices to encapsulate me, Once inside, the loud ravaging cascade fell in front without touching me. True to say, you can sometimes find peace in noise (a different sense of noise). What a lovely noise!