Double Rainbow

Thinking of a light, ordinary afternoon ahead after a long day sleep, we decided to have some coffee and cigarettes outside to linger the drizzle, when something out of the ordinary happened. I was not able to believe my eyes when I saw a spectrum of colors playing in the sky above me. Distant lights transforming into a magically full-arched rainbow, having full contrast with a dark sky behind it: this gave a somewhat magical gloom to that afternoon.

Watching that spectacular scene, out of somewhere came an uneasiness deep inside me making me grasp for air, and for some moment later, I realized the must be reason behind it- -another rainbow had been forming. A double, full-arched rainbow was there before my eyes. I felt so lucky to be in that vantage point on the right moment of that afternoon. I felt everything fell in place; I am on the right place, the droplets after the drizzle are on a 42 degrees opposite the smiling sun, and I’m with the right person to savor that enchanting scene.




I was on my other persona that day. A free spirited hippie being awakened by a boisterous cascade of the  waterfalls  that seems to be a melodic hush while I was asleep, with my back against my rock hard tent bed. On day break, the rays of sunlight sent shivers to my body, untangling each tensed and twisted muscle, refreshing my soul. What a delightful way to start a day!

Hiking up ahead to grab a cup of coffee from a nearby store owned by a T’boli local in lake Sebu, I was struck by a huge goose. I sat on one of those ratan chairs charmed and hypnotized by his presence. I could have mistaken the creature as a sort of angel with those heavenly white feather  if not only for the offset orange large beak and feet that makes me think of martians and aliens. He came closer to me; slow paced, taking his time to shift weight from his left foot to right foot and vice versa. Still stunned, I seem to concentrate on his monstrous, orange, shell- hard beak that can break anything that he set gaze on. And if not for a friend who gave a yell after seeing me and mr. goose,  I did not realised that I am the one he is setting his gaze on- ready to pinch me into pieces.