I am. I am. I am

Let me resonate Sylvia Plath today, for I am back after a silenced year in writing.

Rekindled with my old musings, I am so at fire to write about the change that transpired throughout the years— of new line of thoughts, perspectives, hopes, and dreams.

I am definitely happy to have found a way  again to this site.



If you want to be totally free be an amoeba. A free floating, single celled amoeba.

Searching for freedom, I went away from the city, a place where hideous, greedy, dominating creatures abode.

So I climbed the mountains.

But alas! In the mountains, there were hungry wolves of woe and I suffocated in my igloo.

So I went to the sea.

But god forsaken place it was. I had starved then cried then choked when I was left with no choice but to become a monster; killing, grilling my delectable friends from the sea.

I longed for nothing but for freedom but men were mice and god was not nice.

But I suppose men and god had no power over an amoeba,
for they can’t dominate the mighty, free floating amoeba.

Man with a saw

*Manoy with a saw: sitting, leaning, head buzzing.

I shifted my eyes off you.

To touch those bony shoulders underneath a thin cotton shirt and awaken you from your stupor..
To glimpse those eyes and ascertain the suffering gaze that I’ve formed in my head..

That’s what I had supposed to do.

But I’ve been living this bourgeoise life, constantly distracted, affected, pained by nuisances. How could I know that my troubles are trifles from yours?

5 paces.. I saw you stand – limply, shaky with the help of someone.

6 paces.. A heavy light pounded and shrank me.

I’m nothingness, I’m meaningless.

* older male