I was on my other persona that day. A free spirited hippie being awakened by a boisterous cascade of the  waterfalls  that seems to be a melodic hush while I was asleep, with my back against my rock hard tent bed. On day break, the rays of sunlight sent shivers to my body, untangling each tensed and twisted muscle, refreshing my soul. What a delightful way to start a day!

Hiking up ahead to grab a cup of coffee from a nearby store owned by a T’boli local in lake Sebu, I was struck by a huge goose. I sat on one of those ratan chairs charmed and hypnotized by his presence. I could have mistaken the creature as a sort of angel with those heavenly white feather  if not only for the offset orange large beak and feet that makes me think of martians and aliens. He came closer to me; slow paced, taking his time to shift weight from his left foot to right foot and vice versa. Still stunned, I seem to concentrate on his monstrous, orange, shell- hard beak that can break anything that he set gaze on. And if not for a friend who gave a yell after seeing me and mr. goose,  I did not realised that I am the one he is setting his gaze on- ready to pinch me into pieces.


Tinuy-an Falls: Majestic Cascades

Branded as the “little Niagara of the Philippines”, the majestic Tinuy-an falls is set in the deep area of Brgy. Borboanan, Bislig City. In the dialect of the early settlers, Tinuy-an means “requiring intention”, true to it’s name, going to the falls was a feat I happily endured.

After being captivated by the Enchanted river of Hinatuan, I decided to spend the night in one of the cheap backpacker’s inn in the city of Bislig for only 150 php (a whopping wow!).Being an early bird, I hailed a pedicab, a 5 tired vehicle  powered by a motorcycle mounted on the front left part of the vehicle. After disembarking the fragile vehicle I hopped into a minivan bound to the city of  Mangagoy to be dropped at the entrance of Brgy. Borboanan – the door to the talk-about falls. The adventure heightened up as I took a top load seat together with accomodating locals who were set to celebrate a birthday in the falls. Picturesque landscapes could never be less good if you have a 360 degrees view of them.

The sweet-ravaging sound of the water, the cold air, the early morning sunshine, was a delight to my soul as I pay 10php for the entrance. A cup of coffee was a perfect companion to savor the next few moments of discovering new wonders.

In a raft near the cascade, I stood speechless, moved and humbled by the thought of how small I am compared to a majestic work of nature.

The second tier of the 4 tiered falls was  exhilarating as well.

I enjoyed looking for stone crevices to encapsulate me, Once inside, the loud ravaging cascade fell in front without touching me. True to say, you can sometimes find peace in noise (a different sense of noise). What a lovely noise!

Beer in 0% alcohol

For a number of reasons, beer has always been one of my favorite past time drinks.  Starting from settling uneasiness by relaxing the mind from turmoil up to making the mind go blank that an overflowing of various senses can be possible. When influenced by alcohol, some dwell in misery while some prefer sensuality . No need to ask, I prefer the latter one.

Now there is a kingdom where alcoholic drinks are forbidden, and unfortunately its where i am spending the golden years of my youth. Beer is considered ‘haram’ or sinful in the country, and all are expected to abide the rule of the land. That is when caught breaking the rules, one may end up in jail . And since bigotry seems high in the country, if you belong to an unlucky race a number of painful  slashes may be added (as rumored).

Much to my surprise, i found bottles of good old Budweiser beer in the grocery but i was instantly despaired to discover that it does not have alcohol content.  I did not know that a 0% alcohol beer existed and it tickled me inside so i bought some and saved to try for my precious day off.

How did it taste?  It still have the bitter sweet taste of beer.

How did it feel? I was surprised that the 0% alcohol malt tasting beer made me feel drowsy and light headed just like the effect of beer that i am used to. It even made me start wondering about giant octopus and squids in atlantic and made me admire H.P Lovecraft.

And after  some probing, I found out that one of the ingredients of the bottled beverage aside from malt is HOPS, a female flower cluster that is primarily used as flavoring for beverages to which they impart a bitter, tangy flavor. Hops are also used in herbal medicine as a treatment for anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. A pillow filled with hops is a popular folk remedy for sleeplessness. Hops may be used alone, but more frequently they are combined with other herbs, such as valerian. The relaxing effect of hops may be due, in part, to the specific chemical component 2 methyl2 butanol a compound that causes drowsiness and hallucination. The compound is active in doses of 2000-5000 mg, making it some 20 times more potent than ethanol. To gauge in simple medical term, its effect is in between chloralhydrate and pareldehyde.

Im sleepy now. Ciao!